Dress Code for NEET
Dress Code for NEET

Dress Code for NEET

Dress Code for NEET Exam is the most obvious concern when MBBS aspirants prepare themselves before exam. All the medical aspirants looking forward to sit for the NEET 2020 examination must read the article till the end so that they have the complete knowledge about the things they need to carry with themselves. As we know, for some candidates pursuing medical courses (MBBS) is like their dream come true. For that you have to appear and clear the NEET examination.


NEET 2020 instructions by conducting body: NTA

Do you want a hassle free mind on the day of NEET examination? Each and every candidate wants to give their 100% in the examination but due to some of the reasons or excuses the candidates fail to give their best. As a result the candidates score less than they expected. Candidates should understand that NEET examination is conducted once a year and they should not miss the chance to qualify with good scores. If you think that you are done with whole syllabus and you are quite confident with it then you are highly mistaken. There are certain things which candidates should know before they step out for the examination centre.

What National Testing Agency recommends..?

The conducting body of NEET 2020 examination, NTA i.e. National Testing Agency have specified certain rules and regulations regarding the materials to be carried or not to be carried inside the examination centre. The candidates should keep in mind all the guidelines provided by NTA. The candidates are instructed to read and follow the directions which are specified by NTA. Here is a list of certain thing need to be carried or not carried by candidates at the examination centre.

Things to carry or not to carry for NEET Exam

Things Allowed

  • Admit card of NEET 2020.
  • Two passport size photograph.
  • Any valid ID proof like Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Pan Card etc.
  • PWD certificate*.
  • Transparent water bottle for diabetic patients**.
  • Fruits and sugar tablets for diabetic patients**.

Things Not Allowed

  • Bits of paper.
  • Calculator.
  • Camera.
  • Bluetooth devices.
  • Water bottle.
  • Packed food like chocolates, sandwiches etc.
  • Writing pads, pencil pouch.
  • Pen, Pencil.
  • Mobile phones.
  • Microphones.
  • Earphones.
  • Health bands.

* The candidates should carry PWD certificate if applicable.
** The candidates who are suffering from diabetes are allowed to carry eatables like fruits, sugar tablets. Transparent water bottles are also allowed.

Dress code for NEET

The candidates appearing for NEET 2020 are required to follow some rules and regulations provided by NTA i.e. National Testing Agency. Like other rules, NTA has implemented the rules and regulations regarding NEET dress code for the candidates. Basically, NTA has provided the NEET dress code to avoid any kind of malpractice, threatening and unfair means to pass the examination. The testing body has specifically prescribed a list of clothing to be worn on the examination day for both males or boys and females or girls. If any candidate found going beyond the rules and regulations mentioned in the brochure provided by NTA then the candidate will be prohibited to give the exam or enter into examination centre.

MBBS.Blog provide you with information regarding

Mbbs.Blog is here to provide you all the information regarding the dress code for NEET. Eventually, it is an extract of the brochure launched by NTA for the candidates appearing NEET 2020. We are providing you a list of clothing which should be worn by the candidates on the examination day. There are two separate lists for male and female candidates for dress code of NEET. The candidates are required to read and follow the list carefully beforehand. The candidates will be frisked through the metal detectors. So, to avoid any kind of chaos during the security checking, the candidates must be prepared according to the rules of NTA.

Dress code for NEET – Boys


  • Light colour clothes with half sleeves.
  • Slippers (chappals), sandals.
  • Jeans and trousers.
  • Doctors prescribed lens and spectacles.
  • Customary dress like Kangha, Kara, Kirpan*.
  • T-shirts with half sleeves.

Not Allowed

  • Clothes with big buttons.
  • Brooch/badge.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Any watch or Analog/Digital wrist watch.
  • Shoes.
  • Full sleeves clothes.
  • Caps or hats.
  • Wallet.
  • Kurta pajama.

* The candidates following Sikhism are allowed to wear Kangha, Kara and Kirpan.

Dress code for NEET – Girls


  • Light clothes with half sleeves.
  • Tops or T-shirts with half sleeves.
  • Salwar suit with half sleeves.
  • Doctors prescribed lens and spectacles.
  • Jeans and simple pants.
  • Slippers (chappals) and sandals with low heels.
  • Rubber band to tie up ponytail.
  • Customary dress (a) like Kangha, Kara, Kirpan**.
  • Customary dress (b) like Burkha, Hijab*.

Not Allowed

  • Tops or T-shirts with full sleeves.
  • High heels.
  • Shoes.
  • Ornaments like ring, chain, pendant set, earrings, bracelets, bangles.
  • Leggings and churidar.
  • Henna or Mehendi^.
  • Big buttons.
  • Big rubber bands.
  • Brooch/badge.
  • Hair clips.
  • Flowers.
  • Saree (married or unmarried).
  • Any watch or Analog/Digital wrist watch.
  • Handbags.
  • Caps.

* The students/candidates wearing customary dress like Burkha, Hijab are requested to report at the allotted centre atleast one hour before the examination.
** The candidates following Sikhism are allowed to wear Kangha, Kara and Kirpan.
*** As per the guidelines provided by NTA. It does not specifically mention that is applying Henna or Mehendi allowed..? But for a safer side the candidates are asked not to apply Henna or Mehendi because it may cause problem or difficulty at time of bio-metric verification of the candidate.

Customary Dress – Dress Code for NEET

Many candidates have certain questions regarding customary dress code. Basically, the candidates following the Sikh religion are allowed to carry Kangha, Kara and Kirpan along with them as per the orders of Delhi High Court. The candidates (females or girls) following Muslim religion are allowed to wear Burkha, Hijab, etc. As many candidates do not know that at the time of filling up the NEET 2020 application form the candidates are asking to choose the customary dress instead of NEET dress code so if they do so they are allowed to wear the customary dress on the examination day. Now, the candidates wearing customary dress are asked to report at their allotted NEET 2020 examination centre at least an hour before the reporting time.

NEET-NTA also says…

Hence, all the above information provided by us is a snippet of the brochure or information bulletin provided by NTA officially. The information or details are subjected to change as per the decision of NTA, the conducting body of NEET examination. We will constantly update the details for our readers so that they didn’t miss out any information related to the dress code for NEET.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Dress Code for NEET

Q1. Can I wear dupatta during the NEET 2020 examination?

Ans: As there is no hard and fast rule mentioned in brochure of NEET 2020, for wearing dupatta along with the Salwar suit in NEET examination but it is suggested not to wear such clothing which are not mentioned in the brochure. So, avoid wearing dupatta during the NEET examination.

Q2. Can I wear an embroidered dress in the NEET examination?

Ans: No, the candidates must not wear any kind of heavy embroidery clothes as it is clearly mentioned in the information bullet-in of dress code that only those candidates who are wearing light clothes with half sleeves will be entertained.

Q3. Is the female candidates allowed to wear leggings in the NEET examination?

Ans: No, the female candidates are not allowed to wear leggings or churidar at the time of examination. Female candidates are asked to wear Salwar, trousers or any kind of lowers which are loose.

Q4. Are nail paints allowed at the time of NEET examination?

Ans: As such no guidelines are issued in accordance for wearing nail paints at the time of examination but its better to avoid doing so. As it creates inconvenience during frisking.

Q5. Is tattoo allowed in NEET examination?

Ans: No, tattoos are not allowed. NTA strictly prohibited it.

Q6. I am a Sikh candidate. Can I wear Kara or Kirpan in the NEET examination?

Ans: Yes, the candidates following the Sikh religion are allowed to carry Kangha, Kara and Kirpan along with them as per the orders of Delhi High Court.

Q7. Is floral printed dresses allowed inside the examination hall?

Ans: No, the candidates should not wear floral printed dresses because it is barred by NTA.

Q8. Are safety pins allowed to take inside the examination hall?

Ans: No, any kind of metallic items such as safety pins are not allowed inside the examination centre.

Q9. I belong to Muslim religion. Can I wear Burkha or Hijab inside the examination centre?

Ans: The candidates (females) practicing Islam are allowed to wear Burkha, Hijab, etc. Candidates are asked to reach the examination centre at least one hour before the reporting time.

Q10. I have dressed up as per the dress code of NEET. Do I have to undergo frisking?

Ans: Yes, every candidate has to go through frisking even if they are dressed up as per the dress code of NEET.

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    1. National Testing Agency (NTA), strictly prohibits tattoo. Invigilator posses right to deny admission of student into exam center as it violates the recommended guidelines.

    1. According to the NTA, conducting body of NEET Exams, you are not eligible and you may not be allowed to appear but it also depends on the visiting invigilator at your exam center.

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