GPA Calculator for MBBS in Bangladesh
GPA Calculator for MBBS in Bangladesh

GPA Calculator for MBBS in Bangladesh

Are you confused with the calculations and searching for GPA Calculator for MBBS in Bangladesh..?

Have ever these calculations cogitated your brain…? Now stop thinking much about it because we have developed a trouble shooter for you..!! the GPA Calculator. You should flick through the article thoroughly to have informed knowledge on GPA calculation. Why GPA is calculated while taking MBBS admission in Bangladesh.

Are you interested in studying MBBS in Abroad..?

Indian students after trying their level best to get admission in Indian Medical Colleges seek admission in Abroad countries. Due the shortage of medical seats in India the large pool of students shifts their interest from MBBS to BDS, BHMS or other medical courses.

But no need to do so… Not to get disheartened because they can enroll themselves in many other Abroad Universities.

And What’s better than getting an MCI and WHO approved MBBS Medical Colleges to Study MBBS in Bangladesh and invest your money carefully.

If you are really interested in studying MBBS you have heard of Bangladesh, an amazing country. One of the nearest MBBS study destination from India where you can find plenty of Indian students and doctors.

Do you know medical admission in Bangladesh is smooth and supple..?

You need to follow the rules and regulations amended by the education ministry of Bangladesh.

Let me enlighten you through the term “GPA”, you may have come across during your researches.

The Bangladesh Education System follows the GPA grading scale. Many of the Indian students are immensely confused about the GPA calculation. Your GPA is one of the important parts for taking MBBS admission in Bangladesh.

In this article you will be exploring about how to calculate GPA..? Why GPA is important..? How this GPA works..? What is the ideal GPA for taking admission in Bangladesh..?

Eligibility Criteria – For studying MBBS in Bangladesh

In order to take admission in Bangladesh; you need to qualify with the minimum eligibility criteria. All the students must secure the ideal GPA Score to seek admission in any of the medical college of Bangladesh.

  1. Aspirant must be 17 years old at the time of admission.
  2. You are required to pass 10+2 from any board (ICSE, CBSE or any equivalent state board).
  3. Passing Percentage for General Category is 60% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and 60% in Biology.
  4. NEET Qualified.
  5. Minimum qualifying percentile for General Category in NEET – 50th Percentile and for ST/SC/OBC – 40th Percentile.
  6. Qualify class 10 in 2018 or 2019.
  7. You must possess 7 GPA as minimum considering scores of classes 10 and 12.

Note: The students are considered inept for studying MBBS in Bangladesh if there is a gap. After the completion of +2 or the higher secondary there should not be a year gap of passing class 10, 11 and 12. Current and Previous Year students are eligible for taking admission.

What is Grade Point Average..?

Grade Point Average is the number which conveys your high score in the course on an average. The average numbers of the final numerical points grades obtained in your 10th and 12th standard.

Characteristics of GPA – MBBS in Bangladesh

For the students applying for the medical colleges in Bangladesh; They need to submit the Higher Secondary as well as Senior Secondary scores in GPA format to Application in Medical Colleges of the country.

  • Aggregate minimum GPA needed in Class 10 and Class 12 combined is 7 GPA.
  • Individual Aggregate GPA in Class 10 or Senior Secondary (SSC) or “O” Level must be 3.5 GPA.
  • Individual Aggregate GPA in Class 12 or Higher Secondary (HSC) or “A” Level must be 3 GPA. Minimum GPA individually in Biology should be 3.5 GPA.

Score to Point Table

For your reference take a glance over the marks to point table. Use your Class 10 and 12 Marksheet to calculate your GPA score.

80 – 1005
70 – 794
60 – 693.5
50 – 593
Below 502

GPA Calculator

A great problem solver has been introduced for our students; GPA Calculator. Student’s biggest confusion during the admission process is while calculating Grade Point Average.

The calculation of your GPA is based on certain factors. Your Average GPA is an score that is used to evaluate your success during the entire study course.

Our easy to use GPA calculator allows you to get your Grade Point Average score against the numeric value entered. This calculator gives your coveted results in just few minutes.

The calculator works online. Our motive is to satisfy your unease with the introduction of this GPA Calculator.

How to operate GPA Calculator..?

  • Fill up your full name (Optional). You may or not write up. As all your information will be kept confidential, no third party can access the details.
  • Give your phone number and email address as we’ll be sending your eligibility status on these.
  • Mention your class 10 and 12 year of passing.
  • Write down your class 10 marks or grade of best 5 subjects.
  • Give your class 12 marks for Physics, Chemistry and Biology out of 100 marks.
  • Place your NEET year of appearing and NEET Score.
  • Click on “Check your Eligibility for MBBS in Bangladesh” button.
  • Hurry up..!! see your inbox to get your GPA Score.

    CBSE Board Result

    Why is GPA so important for Admission in Bangladesh..?

    You are required to calculate GPA from your 10 and +2 marksheet. The number is required to assess whether you meet the standard of GPA. Expectations are set by the Bangladesh Education System.

    Medical Colleges requires ideal Grade Point Average.

    • The Minimum Aggregate GPA score is 7.
    • Your GPA is calculated on the basis of your 10th and 12th Marksheet.
    • From your 10th Marksheet the best 5 subjects are taken to evaluate your GPA score.
    • And 3 subjects namely; Physics, Chemistry and Biology are considered from your Higher Secondary or Class 12.

    All the Universities in Bangladesh demands the minimum GPA score to provide admission in any Undergraduate Program. International students coming to the country must qualify the eligibility standards.

    What is Good GPA for me..?

    Looks like the question is a bit complicated for me to answer but I will give it a try. It’s one of the most important question to ask yourself before doing the groundwork for admission on the colleges.

    Every High School is unique and every aspirant too. The colleges give you admission by assessing all the facts and figures they have from your Higher Secondary School.

    Score of GPA may be good for your friend but the same may not be good for you. The clear-cut answer for this particular question is the actual number value of your GPA should be 7 or more than it.

    Low GPA..!! time to be serious for your studies…

    No matter how hard you are working there is someone who is working harder than you. Success do not follow magics, it needs your sweat, determination and great performance. Try to improve your GPA by flicking through the Study tips to boost your confidence.

    Low GPA doesn’t define you as a weak student but indicates you to put a little extra effort. GPA lower than required in Bangladesh’s Medical Colleges means you are in trouble. But nevertheless, raise yourself to achieve the ideal GPA Score.

    And if you obtained the minimum aggregate GPA, it’s a great news for you. I am not sugar coating it but achieving the minimum GPA is an excellent worth. Try to get above 7 GPA to get admission in the best colleges of Bangladesh.

    Have friends need to learn and calculate GPA..? Share this interesting and amazing blog with them too.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is Grade Point Average..?

    A numerical representation of average numbers which conveys the numerical to points. The average numbers of the final numerical points grades obtained in your 10th and 12th standard.

    2. What is the minimum qualifying GPA..?

    The minimum aggregate GPA i.e. Grade Point Average is 7 GPA. Considering both 10th and 12th scores, the individual minimum GPA is 3 and Biology must be 3.5 GPA.

    3. What is the ideal GPA score from Class 10 Marksheet..?

    Student must secure 3.5 GPA or above from Class 10 Marksheet to be eligible for Bangladesh’s medical studies criteria.

    4. What is the ideal GPA score from Class 12 Marksheet..?

    You should have minimum aggregate 3 GPA or above in 12 th standard. Particularly in Biology you must obtain 3.5 GPA in order to be fit for studying MBBS in Bangladesh.

    5. Is I’m eligible for taking admission in Bangladesh (2020)..? In following cases –

    a. “If I passed my 10th standard in 2017, repeated class 11 and qualified 12th standard in 2020. Cracked NEET in 2020..and my overall GPA is 8.”


    b. “I qualified class 10 in 2016 and passed class 12 in 2018 and following year cracked NEET too. Taken gap of one year to improve my NEET score. My GPA is 7. I want MBBS admission in Bangladesh (2020).”


    c. “I passed 10th standard in 2017 qualified NEET in 2019 but qualified my class 12 in the year 2020. GPA is 7.5.”


    d. “Qualified class 10 in 2018 and cleared NEET in 2020. And also passed class 12 in the 2020. GPA in 10 th standard is 2. GPA in 12 th standard is 5.”


    e. “I qualified class 10 in 2017. Passed class 12 in 2019. Cracked NEET in 2019. GPA in 10th standard is 4. And 12th standard GPA is 3.5 and Biology – 3.5 GPA.”


    f. “Qualified class 10 in 2018. Passed class 12 in 2020. Cracked NEET in the same year. GPA is 8. 10th standard GPA is 4. 12th standard GPA is 4. Biology GPA is 3.5.”


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