MBBS in Kazakhstan
MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

Want to study MBBS..? MBBS in Kazakhstan may be in your list.

There are many favorable destinations for Indian students to studying MBBS in Abroad among them Kazakhstan is one of them. The country provides an excellent opportunity for medical students in the field of medicine. Med students who want to study medicine but cannot afford the expenses of medical studies. The students get affordable and cost-effective prices in the colleges of Kazakhstan.

MBBS in Kazakhstan


The land of Kazakhstan shares the border with various countries like Russia to the north, China to the east, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan to the south, the Caspian Sea, and Russia to the west. The country was often described as the Land of Deserts. The land consists of the Rocky Mountains and densely covered bushes with icy mountain lakes. Feathery green grasses lie in the dense pine forests of the country. The country has a unique nature which includes deserts, semi-deserts, mountain steppes, and plateaus. The Irtysh is the largest river in the country and the longest river is Turgai. The highest peak lies on the Kyrgyz border in the Tian Shan, the mountain peak Khan Tengri.


The Climate of Kazakhstan is Continental which incorporates hot summers and cool winters in the country. In summers, July is the hottest month of the year. The average temperature during summers ranges more than 30 °C. While in winters the temperature falls down up to -20°C. The country has a relatively dry climate and the moisture freezes and turns into snow. Weather is unstable in the spring season and days will get clear & warm. Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan is the coldest city in the world after Ulan-Bator.

Koppen-Geiger Map Kazakhstan
Koppen-Geiger Map Kazakhstan


In Kazakhstan, the density of population is very low and the infrastructure of the country was under-developed. But in 2014 the country invested $ 18 billion for the construction of airports, highways, railways, and roadways. The national railway company of the country is Kazakhstan Temir Zholy. As of now, the country is well developed and quite functional. The country is interconnected through rail, intercity buses, minibusses, taxis, car rental, buses, trolley-buses, and the subways. In Almaty, there is a small metro system and second metro lines are planned to be constructed. The best way to explore Kazakhstan’s terrain and its people is local trains.


Kazakh culture had an impact on two entities such as Russian and Chinese. The country is well known for its traditions. Being respectful towards society, loving mankind is some of the traditions followed in the country. Yurts – one of the inventions of nomads. Yurts are the low table or tent which they set up, dismantle, and carry along with them. Traditionally, Kazakh offers its cuisine on the Dastarkhan to their guests. The country is famous for its handicrafts, beautiful embroidery on saddlecloths. The traditional dress of the country varies from region to region. Kazakh leather is used to make quivers, belts, harnesses, and flasks (torsyks) for water. And kumis Kazakh artisans are also very skillful jewelers. Bell-shaped earrings are the traditional ornament and fine chain bracelets will definitely attract one.

Kazakhstan Culture


Kazakhstan has two official languages i.e. Kazakh and Russian which are widely spoken by the population. There are about 5,290,000 speakers in the country who speaks Kazakh. The language, Kazakh is also followed in various other countries like Germany, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Iran. Another official language of the country is Russian. About 95% of the population is fluent in speaking Russian. In Urban areas, Russian is a very popular language. Apart from Kazakh and Russian, there are certain other native languages such as Dungan, Ili Turki, Ingush, and Plautdietsch. Foreign language English is emerging as a youth language. Language is becoming famous because of tourists and students coming to the country.


There is a reflection of nomads and Middle Eastern cuisine in Kazakhs traditional cuisine. The food is very much influenced by nomadic cuisine. Nomads normally relied on their animals for transportation, clothing, and even for food. Horse meat, mutton, lamb, crow, animal’s heart, kidney, liver are staple food for the people. Some famous delicacies like Kazy, Shashlik, Manti filling, and many more are dishes of meat. Besbarmak is the national dish of the country and the traditional dish of nomads. Kumis, Shubat are some famous drinks made of milk.

Food in Kazakhstan


The official currency of the country is Tenge. The Code of the currency is KZT. The word Tenge came from medieval Turkic which means equal balance. The name of the currency is similar to taka, lira, pound, and peso but the name of the currency is borrowed from Turkic. The symbol of the currency is ₸. The National Bank of Kazakhstan is the central bank of Kazakhstan. The central bank issued banknotes of new series in 2006 with the denominations of 2000 and 5000 tenge notes. The central bank issued a new series of tenge notes dated 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 in denominations of 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10,000 notes.

More about MBBS in Kazakhstan

All the top medical college in Kazakhstan is recognized by Medical Council of India, the World Health Organization. As the universities or colleges are low budgets, Indian students are attracted to the country. The majority of Indian students want to study MBBS at low fees with quality guidance. The country is an excellent study destination for medical aspirants. For boosting the medical career of students, Kazakh’s Universities or Colleges play an important role. There are certain advantages and benefits of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. Binge on with the entire article to have full knowledge about the country, admission process, top colleges, and many more.

Facts about MBBS in Kazakhstan

Duration5+1 year
Score in PCB50% in PCB
Medium of InstructionEnglish
RecognitionMCI and WHO approved
Tuition Fees₹10 lacs and above
Cost of LivingPocket Friendly

Why to study MBBS in Kazakhstan?

There are plenty of reasons to choose the country for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. They are listed below:

  1. Universities or Colleges follow the latest technology to teach students and it acts as an advantage to the students.
  2. Meritorious candidates may get scholarships from the University.
  3. Universities or Colleges are MCI and UNESCO approved, WHO recognized.
  4. Candidates get quality education on an affordable budget.
  5. The international education system of accepted worldwide.
  6. International exposure brings confidence to the students.
  7. Candidates are able to appear for USMLE, PLAB kind of licensing examination.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

  1. The medium of communication and teaching is English.
  2. Do not have to give any kind of language proficiency test.
  3. No Donation or Capitation Fee in any University or College.
  4. Students after completing their MBBS in Kazakhstan, return back to India and clear MCI Screening Test to practice in India.
  5. Students get a chance to practice in government medical colleges during their internship period.
  6. Marvelous infrastructure with well-equipped labs.
  7. Universities or Colleges organize seminars, international conferences, to boost the knowledge and skills of students.

Eligibility Criteria – MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • The student should attain the age of 18 years on or before 31st December at the time of admission.
  • The candidate must secure 50% in their 12th standard from the Science stream (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) from CBSE/ISC or other State Equivalent Board of Examination.
  • The candidates must appear and qualify in NEET 2020 which is conducted by NTA. The minimum passing marks for general category candidates is 50th Percentile and ST/SC/OBC category candidates are 40th Percentile.

Duration of the course – MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • The total duration for MBBS in Kazakhstan is 6 years (5+1 years) for the students.
  • All the Universities or Colleges offer 5 years of classroom training and practical training. An additional 1 year of internship period is allotted to the students.

Documents required for MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • Scanned copy of Class 10th Mark sheet and Certificate.
  • Scanned copy of Class 12th Mark sheet and Certificate.
  • Scanned copy of Passport with a validity of 18 months.
  • Scanned copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Scanned copy of NEET qualified Mark sheet.
  • Scanned copy of Address proof and ID proof (any).
  • Scanned copy of School leaving certificate.

Admission Procedure – MBBS in Kazakhstan

Some steps to be followed by the students to take admission in the universities or Colleges of Kazakhstan. The procedure of admission may vary from college to college. But overall, the steps will be the same. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: The very first step for taking admission in any college is to Fill the Application Form of the particular Universities or Colleges in which you are interested to take admission. Be careful while filling up the application form as it consists of personal details.
  • Step 2: Candidates have to submit all the Documents required for MBBS in Kazakhstan.
  • Step 3: A few days later the University or College to which the candidate has applied, will give a Confirmation Letter or Letter of Acceptance to the candidate. It may happen your application be rejected due to certain reasons. And the reasons will be clarified by the college.
  • Step 4: Now, the candidates have to deposit fees to the University or College (after getting a Confirmation Letter or Letter of Acceptance).
  • Step 5: The candidates must visit the Embassy of Kazakhstan in New Delhi for the visa and other documentation processes.
  • Step 6: As soon as the candidate gets the visa it’s time to fly to Kazakhstan for studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Visa Process for getting admission in MBBS in Kazakhstan

Candidates have to visit the Embassy of Kazakhstan in New Delhi, India as soon as they get their Admission Letter from the Kazakhs University or College. For studying MBBS in Kazakhstan students need Visa. For the application for a visa, students need some essential documents. They are as follows:

  • 10 photographs in size (4.5 x 3.5 cm).
  • Passport with a validity of 18 months.
  • Class 10th and 12th Mark sheet.
  • Reports of the medical tests.
  • 1st-year tuition fees receipt issued by the Universities or Colleges.
  • Official admission letter from the candidate’s university or College.
  • Birth Certificate in English.

Top Colleges or Universities for MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakh National Medical University

Kazakh National Medical University is one of the top medical universities in the country. Kazakhstan’s most popular university located in Almaty city. College came into existence in the year 1930. The government classified the University as “national” in the year 2001. It holds a student population of 11,000 medical aspirants. Apart from studying for a bachelor’s degree, students are coming to the university to educate themselves for Ph.D. too. There are around 8 faculties such as General Medicine, Therapeutic, Paediatrics, Medico-prophylactic, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Management in Public health and Pharmacy and Postgraduate. University becomes the centre of medical education by providing standard training and clinical knowledge to future doctors.

Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian
No. of Students11,000+
Package (USD)USD 25,000 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 18,75,000 (approx.)

Kazakh-Russian Medical University

The story of Kazakh-Russian Medical University started in the year 1992. The educational institution has more than 200 professors who nurture world-class doctors. The college allows the students to choose the language of instructions i.e., State or Russian and from the first year of the degree, they have to intensively study foreign languages. Academic groups are formed with 6-10 students. The educational institute focuses on both classroom training and lab practices. The University introduces innovative technologies in the field of oncology, epidemiology, endocrinology, rehabilitation, paediatrics. The University offers the opportunity to the medical students to participate in cultural and youth affairs.

Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian
No. of Students4,000+
Package (USD)USD 25,700 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 19,27,500 (approx.)

Semey State Medical University

In the year 1953 Semey Medical University began its high-quality curriculum starting with 320 students. University welcomes students from countries like India, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, and Russia. There are 1500 professors, teachers, staff, and physicians. Every year above 600 students take admission to the University. It is the multi-medical university, educational and cultural Center in East Kazakhstan. After qualifying NEET i.e., National Eligibility Cum Entrance Examination, and passing class 12, you are eligible to take admission to the University. The city experiences high temperatures in summer and breezy cool temperatures in winters. It has an electronic library named “Republican Inter-University Electronic Library” inaugurated in the year 2014.

Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian
No. of Students4,000+
Package (USD)USD 23,500 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 17,62,500 (approx.)

Karaganda State Medical University

Leading medical University established for providing training to the future healthcare personnel. University devises the bachelor’s program, post-graduate programs, and multi-level training specialists. 4 faculties such as General Medicine and Dentistry, Internship, Preventive Medicine, Biology and Pharmacy, Continuous Professional Development. The University provides training in the Bachelor program, Post-Graduate Program includes the Master’s course, Residency, and Ph.D. Program. The institute gives training in 3 different languages such as Kazakh, English, and Russian as per the student’s choice. The University is accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today implementation of a multi-level structure of continuous medical training in KSMU. There are 70 Professors and Doctors of Sciences, 251 Associate Professors, Candidates of Science and PhDs, also 68 Undergraduates.

Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian/Kazakh
No. of Students8,000+
Package (USD)USD 22,500 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 16,87,500 (approx.)

Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University is one of the biggest medical universities in the Country. In January 2009 the Academy gained the status of University. It has a good reputation in the educational sector as it has its own traditions in the area of medical sciences and clinical activities. The University entered into the structure of the National Medical Holding. The change in the name and status of the University increased the number of courses as well as the number of students. The system of education follows with Bachelor, Masters and PhD Degrees. The academic partners of the University are from the US, Singapore, Europe and Russia. There are 7 faculties in Astana Medical University such as Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Nursing, Preventive Care, Pharmacy and Post-Graduate Education. In the University there are 29 specialities of Residency, 4 specialities of Master Programme and 2 specialities of the PhD program.

Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian/Kazakh
No. of Students5,000+
Package (USD)USD 19,000 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 14,25,000 (approx.)

West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University

The University was established in the year 1957 for the candidates of medical sciences. The institute marked the beginning of the progress of medical education and science in the country. The University has world-class professors who joined the medical institute from USSR. The institute has one Research Laboratory, 2 training and laboratory buildings, 3 dormitories, 7 departments, faculty of postgraduate. It provides education to future doctors, nurses, and advance training to teachers. More than 25,000 students are studying in the field of medical education. The university has 5 educational and laboratory buildings, 5 student dormitories for 2100 places. In the year 2016-17 the university has a modern complex consists of 1000 seats dormitory, conference hall, library. It has accredited clinics such as University Medical Centre, the Family Medicine Clinic, and the Dental Clinic. The university has dissertations of Ph.D. learners. The university has collaboration with AMEE i.e., Association of Medical Education in Europe, AMSE i.e., Association of Medical Schools in Europe, World Directory of Medical Schools, UNESCO i.e., United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian/Kazakh
No. of Students25,000+
Package (USD)USD 14,165 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 10,62,375 (approx.)

Kokshetau State University

It one of the oldest universities in Kazakhstan Northern Region founded in the year 1962. The training was conducted in 3 specialties such as Russian Language, Literature and History, Russian Language and Literature for Kazakh Schools, Physics, and Mathematics. University offers multilevel programs in certain specialties such as Industrial and Civil construction, Technology of machine building, Automobiles and automobile economy, and Radio engineering. The University has energy-saving machinery, innovative and modern technology equipment installed in the Scientific Laboratories. There are 28 sections at the faculties and departments and over 400 reports of competitions of Scientific Projects. In 2001 the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau University was renamed into Republican State Enterprise i.e., Shokan Ualikhanov Kokshetau State University. The education process was updated and modernized during the initial years of development. The University provides theoretical knowledge and practical training for the overall development of the medical student. Many foreign students take admission into the university, study MBBS in Kazakhstan for 5 years.

Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian/Kazakh
No. of Students7,000+
Package (USD)USD 17,500 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 13,12,500 (approx.)

North Kazakhstan State University

The University is named after M. Kozybayev, bound to the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan its culture and education spheres. In the year 1939, the institute was awarded state status. The government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has accredited the status of the state university to the North Kazakhstan State University. It is accredited by the National Accreditation Centre of MES of the RK. In 2013 the University has opened three new Bachelor’s Programmes and three specialties accredited in the German Agency ASIIIN. The University has a Swimming pool, Research Centers, Laboratories of the University Science, Technology park. In 2018 the University has started 12 new bachelor’s degree programs, 10 master’s degree programs, 2 doctoral degree programs.

LocationPetropavl Region
Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian/Kazakh
No. of Students12,000+
Package (USD)USD 18,500 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 13,87,500 (approx.)

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is one of the largest universities in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In 2001 the government classified the University as a “National University”. There are more than 20,000 students studying at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University also known as KazNU. In the University there are 2500 faculty members including 400 doctors of science, professors, and more than 800 candidates of science and associate professors. The University has its own campus i.e., Kazgugrad. The main building has 15 storied tall and includes the History, Economics, Law, Philology, and Journalism Departments. It has 13 education buildings with Scientific Laboratories. University has departments like Philology, Political Science, Oriental Studies, Preparatory, and International Relations. There are 16 Faculties and 9 Research Institutes at the University.

Medium of InstructionEnglish/Russian/Kazakh
No. of Students20,000+
Package (USD)USD 21,000 (approx.)
Package (INR)INR 15,75,000 (approx.)